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  • Skopelos Port  Town

    Chora Skopelos port

  • Photo1

    The beach of Blue Green Bay Hotel in Skopelos Island

  • Photo2

    Meryl Streep as “Donna” in “Mamma Mia” film at Skopelos island

  • Photo5

    Panagitsa Kastrou old church at Chora Skopelos

  • Photo6

    Wedding Bouquet

  • Photo7

    Skopelos Town Bugainvillea

  • Photo9

    Champagne and Crowns in Bridal Suite at Blue Green Bay Hotel

  • Photo10

    The pool at Rigas Hotel in Skopelos island

  • Photo12

    The pool at Blue Green Bay Hotel in Skopelos island

  • Photo13

    Our bus will transfer you from the port to Skopelos Holidays Hotel & Spa

  • Photo15

    Amarantos Cape, a benchmark of Skopelos island

  • Photo17

    Bungalows with pool at Skopelos Holidays Hotel & Spa in Skopelos island

  • Blue Suites Hotel in Skopelos island

    Blue Green Bay Hotel in Skopelos island

  • Skopelos-colored-boat

    Skopelos colored boat

  • Rigas Hotel in Skopelos island

    Rigas Hotel in Skopelos island

  • Rigas Hotel in Skopelos island 2

    Rigas Hotel in Skopelos island 2

  • Skopelos-sail-boat-at-cove

    Skopelos sail boat at cove

  • Rigas Hotel in Skopelos island at night

    Blue Green Bay Hotel Facade and pool at night

  • Elios Holidays family in pool

    Elios Holidays family in pool

  • spa center

    "Skopelos Holidays Hotel & Spa" Wellness Center

  • Blue Suites  view from upfloor balcony

    Blue Green Bay Hotel  view from upfloor balcony

  • Skopelos-Holidays-Hotel-Spa-Lobby-Entrance

    Skopelos Holidays Hotel Spa Lobby Entrance

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Welcome to Skopelos Island

"Spyrou Hotels & Companies"

Welcome to Skopelos, the “Mamma Mia”island Skopelos, this green paradise island in Sporades complex of islands in Greece with the eye-catching landscapes, traditional Pelion architecture, rugged natural monuments and a pure Greek island atmosphere. Apart from being unbelievably beautiful and tranquil, Skopelos island is ideal for couples, families and everyone who enjoys nature unspoiled beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters and summer sports such as swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, canoeing, sea kayaking, sailing, fishing as well as  hiking, bird watching, cycling, exploring and more. In Skopelos, hotels come in great variety, from standard rooms, apartments and studios to country cottages, villas and high end hotels. The island enjoyed international acclaim when Hollywood producers chose it to shoot the famous movie “Mamma Mia”, establishing the island as a holiday destination for tourists from all over the world.

Enjoy your holidays at Skopelos island in Sporades, Greece.

Stay in some of the finest lodgings in Skopelos, offering wonderful sea views, exceptional services, customer-oriented philosophy, a friendly environment, affordable prices. We propose Rigas HotelSkopelos Holidays Hotel & Spa, Blue Green Bay and Elios Holidays Hotel  four wonderful Skopelos hotels, all member of the fine firm “Spyrou Hotels & Companies”, the biggest company on the Island of Skopelos possessing 4 properties with a total of 220 rooms, apartments, studios, suites and bungalows with private or sharing pools. These four outstanding hotels can accommodate more than 880 quests, while the two of them are qualified in serving the health giving Greek Breakfast. Each hotel in Skopelos of our distinctive portfolio is an ideal choice, for a Skopelos Vacation to remember.


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